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English tourism is a lesson in our school, that teach about the tourism and to be a guide.We study to describe a place to a tourist. In tourism we can know about the condition in a place. Now we discussed about the tourism in Tomohon city, from the geographic until the social condition and the interest place in Tomohon city. Tomohon is a great small town, with the nature and the culture. There are many interest place in Tomohon that is A.B.I, lokon boutique resort, we discussed about the difference eastern and western culture too, about the habit and life of they. So in this report we want to tell more about the different culture and the interest place in Tomohon.

 Tomohon city lies on 1o15’ north latitude, and 124o50’ east long ways
 Total population of the city reached 87,776 people
 Tomohon city consists of 3 districts
 Two volcanic Mountain

 generally those people work as farmers
 The majority of society is the tribe Tombulu Tomohon
 using language Tomohon, Manado, Indonesian language, as well as using the colloquial language of Minahasa.
 have different religions
 Has its own culture and art
 Has a very attractive tourism

ASPECT Western culture Eastern Culture
ANGER Easy to know if their angry by the body language Difficult to know if their angry because they smile and still friendly although very hate them
RELATION Just make relation with certain people Make relation with everyone
BEAUTY They like to make their skin become brown More white more beauty
OLD DAY Because they “independence”, so they rare lived with their child and spent their time with pet They spent their time with their grandchild
IN RESTAURANT They like to keep silent Noisy
ME Think about their self Think that they ‘re the small part of a group
PROBLEM SOLVING To the point Avoid from the problem
QUEUE Neat, one line Wretched, not discipline
TIME TO BATH In day In night
WALKING IN SUNDAY to rest To travel, hang out
CHILDREN independence Protect by parents
PARTY Talk separate (2-4 people) Together
TRANSPORTATION In 70’s they use a car, now use bicycle In 70’s they use bicycle, now they use car
THE BOSS Part of the team A master
TRAVELLING See the view photo
WAY OF LIFE Alone together
FOOD Eat the health Asian food Eat the west food

 A.B.I (Auditorium Bukit Inspirasi )
Bukit Inspirasi is a trade mark Tomohon town. On top of the hill which is located directly behind the complex of the Indonesian Christian University campus Tomohon, towering Auditorium of Bukit Inspirasi (A.B.I) building. A.B.I is a place to arrange many event like wedding, meeting, conference, seminar, exhibition, and religious event. This building ever held a big competition that is Tomohon International Choir Competition in order to Tomohon Flower Festival.
The building was built during the implementation of General Assembly Council of Churches of Indonesia (DGI) in the 1980’s. Since then, the auditorium of the Mount Inspiration is used as the venue for various international events up to regional scale. The amount of the cost of building maintenance is seems not able to be funded by the Synod GMIM as the owner of the building. Later this building was converted into venues for lease to private parties as. Bukit Inspirasi by this magnificent auditorium to witness the greatness of spirit mapalus citizens. And prove that a sincere motivation from within the body of the old ones, able to build anything. Pdt. M. Rein Lunt is one of the initiators of development master motivator who do not have time to watch the splendor of this building. Auditorium of Bukit Inspirasi building is a de jure have been leased to private parties. However, the de facto and historically, the building belongs to all citizens GMIM. The fate of the building that now depends on the awareness of citizens GMIM, the Love Auditorium Hill Inspiration. Right there at the church building is not in one of two groups of people in Connecticut
This land was buy by Toemiyon-Lolong family in 1987, and still the family land. In 1990, they have 9 rooms. In the past, the name of this place is Lokon Resting (1990-2002). In 1991 Lokon Resting be a winner of the national champion of Melati hotel category. In 1995 Queen Beatrix was visit and make many activities in here because in the past, this place is the best place in Minahasa. The facilities when 1990-2000 is 11 rooms then 32 rooms. In 2002 until now the total rooms are 42 rooms. There are many facilities stay in here. The best thing in this place is the view. The far ranging are 2 hectare in 1987, and growing be 8 hectare until now. The visitors are from institution, local tourist, and inter local tourist. The total employee now are 40 people. The chairman of the resort are Mr. Stefan, Mr. Marthen, Mrs. Sintje,and Mrs. Issye.
The Specific Facilities:
 Restaurants:
 We invite you to enjoy our facilities to enhance your stay:
 • Unique Rooms and Cottages
• Swimming Pool
• 24-hour Restaurant and Coffee Shop
• Daily Laundry Service
• Jogging Track
• Auditoriums for different capacities
• Wireless Internet access with HotSpot
• Spacious and multi-functional Chapel
• Gazebo and Garden Party facilities
• Korean Health Therapy
• Vegetable and flower plantation
• Golf Car
• 24-hour Resort Security
• Daily Breakfast Buffet
 4 Days 3 Nights Manado Discovery Package Tours & Accommodation in Lokon Resort only USD 330 net/person, Incl: Return Airport Transfer, Tours to Bunaken Island, Tomohon (Lokon Volcano), Lake Tondano and Manado City Tours, Full Board.
 Hotel facilities:
 Bar, Breakfast services, Car and bike rental, Car parking, Credit cards accepted, Excursions informations, Fax service, Laundry service, Lobby, Luggage room, Meeting room, Public telephone, Restaurant, Swimming pool outdoor, Tourist information, Umbrellas and sunbeds
 Room facilities:
 Alarm clock, Balcony/terrace for every room, Privat bathroom/ensuite, Refrigerator, Room service, TV

Lokon Boutique Resort is located in the beautiful village of Tomohon where the city and the people are colorful. Here, the air is fresh and clean. High altitude climate makes the city inclusive to growing exotic plants and flowers, which is why it is known as the City of Flowers. Locals plant flowers around their houses, making the city bright and colorful.


o Amphiteater in Mahawu valley
An amphitheatre is an open-air venue used for entertainment and performances. There are two similar, but distinct, types of structure for which the word ‘amphitheatre’ is used: Ancient amphitheatres, built by the ancient Romans, were large central performance spaces surrounded by ascending seating, and were commonly used for spectator sports; these compare more closely to modern open-air stadia. They were given this name because their shape resembled that of two theatres joined together. Modern amphitheatres (incorrectly so named, but the word has come to be used in this sense) are more typically used for theatrical or concert performances and typically feature a more traditionally theatrical-style stage with the audience only on one side, usually at an arc of less than a semicircle; these compare more closely to the theatres of ancient Greece, and have been more commonly built throughout history as performance spaces. Amphitheatres are typically man-made, though there are also geological formations used in the same manner which are known as natural amphitheatres. Special events and games were held in ancient Roman amphitheatres, such as the gladiator games.
JSSM equipped with the Amphitheater which can accommodate 1000 people. At the Amphitheater, built the chapel with a view overlooking Mount Lokon. The amphitheater is semi circle or all the audience just in one side.


Tomohon is a small town with the unique and great location, because this city is between in two mountains, Tomohon have a great area for tourism, and tomohon have many religion that make this small town more unique.
There are many things in Tomohon, that is a big mountain, an auditorium, a resort with Mountain View, and the prayer hill. That thing makes tomohon become a tourism city

 As a young generation, we must conserve the culture and the environtment of Tomohon.
 To introduce Tomohon tourism to the world.


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